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Giavent is a general services society who acts in the Oil&Gas and Renewable Industry as well as the Civil and Industrial Branch. Organization, knowledges, experience and innovation, catalyze on Giavent the exigences whether of Public Companies or of Private Companies for the effective realization of big projects.


A team of multidisciplinary engineering and experts follows the clients, step by step, starting with the base engineering, going through the selection of the most qualified providers, developing the detail engineering, from the project management to the start-up of the single units and the personal training. Everyting focused on the research of equal and smart balance of feature, costs, eco-friendly, quality, time and energy savings.

Thanks to the specific capabilities and experiences of the own management reached from projects throughout Italy and worldwide with the Government-owned Companies (as Libya – Mellitah Oil& Gas and Algeria – Sonatrach), as well as through commercial sinergies and cooperations with other groups, GIAVENT is able to develop and accomplish industrial projects with high engineering value.